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Lekce angličtiny obsahující výraz your minds eye

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keep an eye on anglicky, eye anglicky, eyes anglicky, eyebrow anglicky, eye-catching anglicky, Jana Eyrová literatura,

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Použití pojmu your minds eye ve větách.

The bobbing head bobbed on, eyes closed, lips clamped around his member, utterly engrossed. Maroon flesh and bright lidless eye, arms flailing, tail thrashing the snow to slush. The eyes of the monsters were flickering back and forth with hunger and excitement. His eyes, unblinking, could not close off the appalling scene through the curtain. Tears filled his eyes, and ran down his scarified cheek, mingling with the blood. Kaufman opened his eyes, steeling himself for the slaughter pen in front of him. He let his eyes slide closed, reassured by the rhythmical rocking of the train. Vaslav Jelovsek capped his gloved hands over his eyes and surveyed the sky. His mind refused to accept what his eyes were seeing beyond the door. But then his head was swimming, his eyesight blurred with concussion. He screamed no longer, but his eyes were wild with terror and pain. Kaufman looked around for a weapon, his eye steady and calculating. Her eyes rolled beneath her gossamer lids, her lower lip trembled. Her nails raked across his temple and nose, just missing his eyes. His eyes spoke what his mouth refused to say, that this was war. The door opened suddenly and he lurched inside, his eyes glazed. She started to stamp the straw, showing the whites of her eyes. His limbs felt drugged and his eyes would scarcely stay open. Then he met the vacant look in her eyes and the truth dawned. The sow put its head up, though its eyes were beyond seeing. Its eyes stopped flickering for a moment, and fixed on him. Now their eyes were becoming accustomed to the night light. Then she says But you have always had such beautiful eyes. Their faces were shining with grease, their eyes maddened. Every part of his body seemed to be weeping but his eyes. Uncle Dave deliberately avoided eye contact with Tike. The sort of eyes that could sour milk at twenty paces. Even the eyebrows and eyelashes had been plucked out. Salander regarded Lundin with expressionless eyes. As Blomkvist finished, his eyes flashed again.

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